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Healthy Living during Physical Distancing


Dr. Lorenzo Cohen and Ms. Alison Jeffries will host a LIVE ZOOM EVENT to discuss Healthy Living during Physical Distancing, a presentation based on their New York Times best-selling book, Anti-Cancer Living: Transform your Life and Health with the Mix of Six. Date will be announced this week.

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Stress Management for Physicians and Healthcare Providers on the Frontline of Covid19

Dr. Robyn Tiger, a physician and certified yoga therapist will teach a LIVE Zoom workshop. Date and details coming soon.

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Community Mindfulness Project

Will, Michelle, Erika, and their team of fabulous facilitators will bring us 17 live mindfulness meditation sessions each week: M-F at 7am, noon, and 7pm Eastern; Sat & Sun at 9am Eastern. Beginners welcome! Dial In: 857-799-9498 and be sure to mute your phone! A 501(3)c nonprofit founded in 2016 providing beautiful science-based secular practices.

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Healing Circles

Healing Circles are safe environments for those with a common condition to share their experiences and harvest collective wisdom through which to explore healing. Hosted LIVE on ZOOM by Millie Elia, a nurse who has more than 20 years experience in oncology serving the cancer survivorship community. She will also be teaching her awesome chair yoga classes LIVE! Dates and details coming soon.

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Yoga en Espanol con Johanne


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Find Your YES!

Find your YES with Jill! Jill had a heart transplant at age 18 and has subsequently been treated four different times for cancer. She's now a Certified Health & Life Coach who inspires, empowers, and motivates  everyone around her with the power of YES! She will host a series of LIVE ZOOM workshops to teach tools and strategies that foster mindset shifts, create self advocacy, and help us build resilience.  Details and dates coming soon.

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15-Day Chair Yoga Challenge


Tina and Josie Oncology Yoga Therapists

These live videos were recorded and have been uploaded to the Yoga Channel ... Go the the Tool Bar and click Channels / Yoga and scroll down to find the videos. Enjoy!


Sound Bath Meditation with Missy

Definitely don't miss it! Missy is a music maker with the voice of an angel. She's a licensed Music Therapist working with domestic abuse populations in New York City. Details and Dates coming soon.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Leading Voices in Healthcare Equity: Uniting the World through Yoga

Yoga as community builder. Spotlight on Marsh Banks-Harold, certified yoga therapist. Details coming soon.

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Coming Soon

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We're all in this together.

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