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Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit: “How are you holding up?”

About AUTHENTICITY: Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit (MHS20) “How are you holding up?” Emotionally, not just physically. This is an incredibly important question that isn’t asked nearly often enough during the cancer journey. Cancer takes a toll on the mind, heart, and spirit as much as it does on the body. The GRYT Health team knows this because we’ve lived it!

We are cancer survivors and caregivers who have personally suffered our way through anxiety, depression, PTSD, identity struggles, and a host of other not-fun emotional side effects. Sharing knowledge is at the core of our company mission; we’re dedicated to helping people just like you who may currently be dealing with these issues.

GRYT Health is proud to bring the cancer community together for an online summit focused on coping strategies that can work for YOU to improve your mental and spiritual health. Are you a caregiver? We encourage you to participate, as well. The summit will help you better understand how to communicate and empathize with your friend, family member, spouse or co-worker as they go through their cancer journey.

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, the Authenticity: Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit will bring to you (via your computer, tablet, or phone) a day of sessions presented by leading mental health experts. Interspersed throughout the day will be brief relaxation activities for you to incorporate into your life.

Because we’ve been through it, we know how emotionally tough the cancer journey can be. Our goal with MHS20 is to give you a day focused solely on you and your mental health. Because your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical well-being.

We look forward to your participation on April 25th. The GRYT Cancer Community will be there to support you. This movement, along with new technology, new drugs, and new thinking are revolutionizing possibilities in cancer care. Healthcare decision-making cannot be left to professionals alone. Each of us must play our part in improving outcomes for a better future.

You’ll want to attend if:

  • You’re experiencing anxiety, even panic attacks.

  • You’re depressed and feel like your moods are out-of-control.

  • You have mental or emotional fatigue or other forms of cognitive impairment.

  • You need to find constructive ways to improve your mental health.

  • You’re a caregiver who wants to learn soothing communication techniques

Save your spot now for the Authenticity: Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit Participating is 100% ONLINE and 100% FREE!


  • Am I Being Heard? Advocating for your own mental health/overall health

  • Meet Vivibot: Learn about an interactive healthbot designed to teach coping skills

  • The Emotional Side of Cancer: Family Dynamics, Abandonment/Isolation, Anxiety, and Spirituality

  • Psychiatric Medication: Yes, No, or Maybe?

  • Caretakers: Learn to become more comfortable understanding the cancer experience

  • Keeping Your Faith Strong in a Time of Crisis

  • How to Deal with a Tough Prognosis

  • Recreating Your Identity

  • Hope: Dealing with Feelings of Giving Up

*Topics and Speakers To Be Confirmed

PLUS: Throughout the day, you can access a series of short (15 minutes), interactive programs between the sessions where you can practice purposeful calming techniques. Draw along with an artist, listen to a musician, take a picture of something that brings you happiness, learn about chair yoga, get meditation tips, simple ideas for better nutrition, incorporate exercise into your schedule, and more!

Participating in the Mental Health Summit is 100% ONLINE and 100% FREE! The Cancer and Your Mental Health Summit will be hosted on the GRYT app and a desktop/laptop “virtual platform”.  Join us for a full day of live education sessions presented by leading experts. While listening, you’ll be able to ask questions and/or chat online with the speakers! We love being able to offer a way for everyone to participate in and enjoy the same benefits of attending a physical conference without the stress of travel and expenses!

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